Saturday, July 28, 2018

Cryptocurrency 2018: Multiply your investment.

First we will teach you the foundamentals of cryptocurrencies and only then how to Invest and Trade

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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand the Blockchain technology foundamentals.
  • Know how to purchase and store cryptocurrency.

  • Get started with investing and trading techniques.

  • Basic understanding of Currencies, Banking and Internet
Dear friend,
We are a team of Finance Professionals, Software Engineers and Entrepreneurs from Across Europe, united by the interest in blockchain technology… and we made this course to share our knowledge on Cryptocurrencies with you.
We’ve put great effort into developing this course, but keep in mind - we are neither professional Online instructors, nor graphic designers – we are Blockchain Developers, Investors and Traders.
Let us share, what we know – the only way we know how – by walking you through our learning process, sharing our experience and protecting you from our mistakes.
To be clear, This is what you can’t find in our course:
- “The hottest investment opportunities right now”, nor any other secret to instant riches – but we promise, after you take this course, you’ll never care for such nonsense.
- “All you need to know about Cryptocurrencies” – the course is focused on people starting their journey as investors and traders and it’s meant to provide a more comprehensive set of tools and knowledge – for beginners.
- “Professional tutors and full time designers” – it is made by Blockchain experts – experienced developers and investors. We might not have the popularity of other Udemy sources, but to make up for that - we will only share tools, we use and have tested ourselves.
This course will not make you a blockchain expert overnight, nor will it turn you into the Crypto Warren Buffet – but it will set you off on the right track – to get there.
The first steps are the hardest, but also – the biggest, make sure you take them in the right direction!

Who is the target audience?
  • People interested in Cryptocurrencies and Investment Opportunities.
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