Thursday, December 24, 2015

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Friday, December 11, 2015

How To Make (YouTube Channel Art using Adobe Photoshop)

*YouTube Channel Art Max File size: 2 MB.

1)YouTube Recommended Channel Art Size: Width2560px x Hidth1440.

2)open Photoshop,The Background : make it Transparent.

3)Go to Google then search about ( YouTube banner templates),make sure about the size .

4)Place the banner template to Photoshop.

5)Use(Rectangular marquee tool) to delete up & down area from the page leave the middle space.

6)And Make the middle opacity 90%.

7)place your design to Photoshop.

8) Save your Design (jpg )

9) let's go to our YouTube Channel Art.

10) upload your Designer .

Thanks :)

Blogger Custom Header Size Using Adobe Photoshop CC

The steps

1)Open Blogger.

2)Go to Blogger Template Designer and then > Adjust widths.

Entire blog : 960px
Right sidebar : 350px

For me i will use the (template default).

*you can change the size depends your page.

The next step...

3)Open Photosho creat page with this sizes.


The Background : make it Transparent!!

4)When you Finished create the header >> Go to Layout in your Blogger page, in the right side edit header.

5)upload your Header.


Thanks :)

Design a logo using golden ratio

What is the Golden Ratio?

Based on the Fibonacci Sequence (which you may remember from either your school mathematics lessons or Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code), the Golden Ratio describes the relationship between two proportions.

Fibonacci numbers, like many elements found in nature, follow a 1:1.61 ratio - this is what we refer to as the Golden Ratio, and as it forms such a common sight in nature, it feels pleasing to the eye when we use this same ratio in our design work.

Example : logo using golden ratio.

Yes Native Pro.