Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Simple and useful flame effect (original tutorial)-photoshop

Ornamental effect
Step 1: Creating a new appropriate background, filling it with black and importing graphics or text.
Simple and useful flame effect

Step 2: outer glow
Simple and useful flame effect 3

Step 3: Using color overlay is for the better adjustment of color at the later stage.
Simple and useful flame effect 4

Step 4: Using inner glow can make some transparent effect.
Simple and useful flame effect 5
Step 5: Gloss, also a very important step; the overall result is here and you can try to adjust the value to see what changes have happened.
Simple and useful flame effect 6

Step 6: Using mask to fade the above.
Simple and useful flame effect 7

Step 7: Using the liquefied forward warp tool and adjusting the brush to the right size and begin to warp some of the major parts. (Do be slow, or the picture will be easily vague.)
Simple and useful flame effect 8

Step 8: Opening the appropriate flame image, entering the channel box and choosing the red layer. Using CTRL + left mouse button to click on the red layer and load into the highlights. Back to the layers, using the move tool to move the selected area into the text file and make the flame above the text layer.(note: we use channels here to load into the selected areas. Please ensure that all channels are visible during the moving, or what you moved will be black and white)
Simple and useful flame effect 9

Step 9: Importing the flame material and choosing the Screen mode to put the right flame in the right position and curtain off the redundant part with mask. (Be patient and overlying the right flame little by little, and then the effect is out. This is the key step.)
Simple and useful flame effect 10

Step 10: Creating a new layer above the background layer and draw an oval selection in the center. According to the pixel of your canvas to feather and fill colors. (This step is to make the whole picture more harmony and also can highlight the theme.)
Simple and useful flame effect 11

The final step: The overall adjustment of colors, adjustment of details, and some parts can be sharpened to show the picture appears to be layered. (In fact, I am not careful enough.)

Learn to draw a cassette pixel graphic

Hello, today I would like to share steps for drawing a pixel graphic. It is very simple, and everyone can do it.
Let’s begin from a cassette.
Step 1, Get the tool prepared: the Pencil Tool in PS
Newly establish a 256×256 file, with its resolution rate as 72; amplify the canvas to 400% with Zoom Tool; select the Pencil Tool again and adjust the size of the Brush as 1px; newly create a layer; then we can move on to draw a pixel graphic.
Step 2, Draw sidelines of a cassette
The purpose of this step is to define the outline of the cassette.There is no any shortcut for this, you can only dot with the Pencil Tool and make more use of the shift button to draw longer lines.

Pay attention to that the sidelines should be 1px and pixel overlaying should be avoided in corners so as to avoid uneven sidelines.
Step 3, Coloring
Newly create a layer under the wireframe layer. We can use a bigger pencil brush to color it.

Step 4, Add highlight and shadow
Newly create a layer upon all layers, and use an 1px pencil to add highlight and shadow to make the cassette appear three-dimensional.

Step 5, Add texture
Continue to create a new layer between the color layer and the wireframe layer(a good habit of creating new layers will convenient modification during drawing ); draw texture on this layer; keep the part that needs to be added with texture and erase away other parts with the Eraser Tool.

Step 6, Add text decoration
Still, create a new layer upon all layers and write the text with a 1px pencil.

Step 7, Finally, modify some details to complete the pixel graphic.

You can draw various cassettes with this method.
This is only a general drawing direction to inform you steps of drawing a pixel graphic. To be skilled in it, you should do more practice.

Monday, October 24, 2016

How to watch Hulu outside of US

How to watch Hulu outside of US

Hulu is my favorite website to watch hot episodes and TV shows. I am often on business and travel outside the US, so that’s the problem. Hulu restricts you from watching their videos from abroad. Is there any way to make the website believes my IP is from the USA. Or could you recommend an international site like Hulu? I hope there is simple way out.

Check the solutions to watch Hulu outside America

Now that Hulu is such an irreplaceable eminent online TV & Movie site. You just keep on visiting it wherever you’re. Here are two free workable solutions:

Solution one: No need to install any programs

The only thing required is to use Mozilla Firefox browser
Step 1, search “free proxy list US” in Google, you will get many free open proxy list for US.
Step 2, launch Firefox browser, and click Options->options->Advanced->Network->Settings in Connection area, and choose manual proxy configuration.
Step 3, copy and paste IP address, for instance, and the port number respectively into “HTTP Proxy” and “Port” slots. Click OK and then you will be able to access Hulu from outside US.
But the proxy you use may navigate slowly. I suggest you try several more until you find a fast proxy.

Solution two: Free application to use

Hotspotshield is the most recommended app to help watch Hulu from Canada, Australia, Indian and overseas. It is very simple to download and set up.
Step 1, right-click on its icon and choose “Connect”.
Step 2, hotspot shield will open a web page, showing you its effort to get a fake IP for accessing US-only sites.
Step 3, if everything goes well, the task will be done in a while! Then just enjoy Hulu videos no matter where you are now.

Solution to download Hulu videos

If you encounter wanted Hulu videos and movies, why not saving it to computer? But Hulu videos are protected from downloading with normal software, like Firefox video downloader, Vixy Freecorder. What you need is a RTMP video record function. Because of this protocol, Hulu is restricted from downloading easily. Then try the Video Grabber Pro, it will enable you to download videos from Hulu like abc.

Top free online video editor

In the golden age of video sharing, making home videos has become an exceedingly popular creative pursuit, and it can be very rewarding. Most people are aware that it’s necessary to edit a video before sharing it. However, most home video enthusiasts do not need fancy professional video editors that take a week to learn how to use.
There are many free online video editing tools that are available to anyone, and these have many benefits. They are usually simpler, and you can jump right in to the editing. Since they are online, they don’t require any installation, and they have all the basic tools that you need. Here are some of the options out there.

Free edit video online

This is YouTube’s official video editor, right on the YouTube website. It works like a simplified version of any professional video editor. It has a timeline for video and audio, all the standard tools and you can edit any of the videos you have uploaded to YouTube from it. Once you’ve finished, you can press publish and your video will be put up for all to see straight away. This online video editor cuts out the middle man of posting to YouTube very neatly.
WeVideo only requires you to sign up, and then you can edit videos in any browser. There are three modes for ease of use, novice to expert, and you can switch between them at any time. You will never need to be out of your depth with this online video editing tool.
wevideo editor
Loopster also requires sign in, although you can sign in with Facebook. It offers a forum for new and old users to share tips and tricks, and there is a video library that your completed video will be added to. There is a mobile app, as well, which you can get on your iPhone for mobile video editing.
Loopster editor
This online video editor is very simple and easy to use, and the end result can be very artistic. You choose your videos, add any of their many themes, add music and then you are done. The themes vary wildly from each other, with some just tinting the videos and some adding effects over the top.
Magisto editor
If you are looking to add transitions and overlays to your videos, this is an excellent option. They offer a wide range of tools and effects, and they support all the key video file types. This includes HD video. There are a variety of simple to complex tools for getting the video just right.
Filelab video editor
Cellsea has one thing that the previous online video editing programs don’t: the ability to load a video from a website. By putting in the URL of a particular video, from a site like YouTube, you can edit it without having to download it yourself. This is a very useful tool, particularly if you want to edit your YouTube videos but do not like the YouTube video editor.
cellsea video editor
The problem with free online video editing is that it will often be unstable. Video editing takes a lot of power and the less professional programs are only up for the little jobs. For a more professional, vivid and presentable video, you will want something with more dedication – Enter Apowersoft Video Editor.
This is a high quality editor that is still simple to use. There are more than 250 visual and audio effects you can utilize in your videos, and complex tools are made quick and easy. There are huge amounts of editing tools to choose from, and they are at your fingertips. When you are ready to make the move from a free online video editor to a professional one, Apowersoft Video Editor is a good choice.

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Download Adobe Camera Raw 9.7

Adobe Camera Raw - Raw files camera management
Adobe Camera Raw is a useful plug-in for Photoshop and other Adobe Creative Suite applications that allows access to “raw” image formats produced by a wide variety of professional and mid-range digital cameras.
Adobe Camera Raw enables you to edit “digital negatives” within Photoshop, while preserving the original “raw” files. This plug-in is an essential tool for professional photographers as it is constantly updated with new features and support for more cameras.
Additionally Adobe Camera Raw supports “raw” files in Digital Negative (DNG) format, a raw file format made available to the public by Adobe.
Adobe Camera Raw is compatible with the latest versions of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Premiere Elements, After Effects and Adobe Bridge.
Note: Installing Adobe Camera Raw plug-in may require administrator rights.Adobe Camera Raw 9.7 is licensed as Freeware for the Windows operating system / platform. Adobe Camera Raw is provided as a free download for all software users (Freeware).
Download Now (300 Mb) : http://adf.ly/1f3CFd

Latest Version9.7
Editors' ReviewNot yet reviewed
UpdatedSep 20, 2016
PublisherAdobe  More software
CategoryPhoto & Graphic
SubcategoryViewers & Plugins
File size300 Mb

How to Capture Screen And Download || Zapgrab Free

Download Now (0.03 Mb)  http://adf.ly/1f37b2

Zapgrab Details

Latest Version:1.0
Editors' Review:Not yet reviewed
Updated:Dec 12, 2009
Publisher:ZapGrab | More software
Category:Photo & Graphic
Subcategory:Screen Capture
File size:0.03 Mb