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Thursday, 13 September 2018

get your FREE U.S. address / Review Best Cheapest Parcel Forwarding Service.

How Shipito Works

5 Simple Steps

1. Sign up with Shipito and get your FREE U.S. address
FREE U.S. Address
2. Shop online at your favorite stores and ship them to your new address
Shipito Address
3. When your package arrives at Shipito, we will take photos of them and store them in our secure facility. You can also request many of our popular services, inlcuding:

a. Detailed photos of the package contents
Package Photos
b. Combine multiple shipments for even more savings
Combine Shipments
c. Add any additional tape, packing materials or other custom requests
Packing Materials
4. Select a shipping method, sit back, and relax as your items are shipped to you
International Package Forwarding
5. Repeat steps 2-4 as many times as you like. We love getting packages just as much as you do!
Parcel Forwarding

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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Download merch by amazon design ideas.

Top ranked ones on amazon you can redesign it on your t-shirt design.

Download Creepy halloween elements Here

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Merch by Amazon T-Shirt Design Ideas.

1. Target Marketing.
Before you begin the design process, you have to think about who your customers are going to be. One of the most important steps of design research is figuring out who is going to wear these t-shirts that you’re trying to sell. Targeting a specific audience allows you to focus your attention on a market who is more likely to purchase from you.

Research what your competitors are doing and try to find a niche that they may be overlooking. Choose the demographic that you want to target. Will moms be purchasing your t-shirts? Or college kids? Or maybe young entrepreneurs living that #startuplife? It’s much easier to come up with t-shirt design ideas when you know exactly who is going to wear it.

You can have more than one niche market, especially when it comes to Amazon Merch. The idea is to be able to focus on each market individually. It allows you to narrow into each market to create something they will really love, and eventually purchase!

2. Pop Culture
3. Holidays
4. Motivational Quotes
5. Events and Conferences
6. Fitness
7. Music
8. Schools and Universities
9. Clubs and Organizations
10. Humor
11. Life Milestones
12. Occupation
13. Geek Culture
14. Animals

FBA Calculator for Amazon.

Get real FBA Fees in one click for free!

 Download FBA Calculator for Amazon Here 

User friendly and FREE One-click FBA Calculator will calculate Amazon commissions and ROI for you. 
More than 100 THOUSANDS sellers trust us! 
No need to type the ASIN, just activate the extension while on any product related page on Amazon website.

Want to learn how much your profit will be and find the best price for a product? Type in the purchase price and name your price on Amazon - the app will automatically calculate the expected profit on the basis of given prices.

The advantages of the One-click FBA Calculator:
- Use the most detailed information on commissions to select a product on Amazon.
- You can immediately assess the profitability of competitors’ products with the estimated monthly revenue data
- All data is uploaded from the official Amazon's FBA Revenue Calculator website

It works for:
- USA (
- Japan (
- United Kingdom (
- Canada (
- Germany (
- Spain (
- France (
- Italy (
- India (
- Australia (

Amazon Merch Tools - Shirt2CSV.

Amazon Merch Tools - Shirt2CSV

Download Shirt2CSV Here.

Shirt2CSV allows you to download your Amazon Merch listings into a CSV file that is compatible with Amazon Merch Batch Uploader. 

This allows you to painlessly copy your designs on to premium shirts, long sleeves, hoodies and whatever else in the future.

Merch by Amazon Trademark Checker | Merch Security.

Download Merch Security Here.

Adds an extra level of sanity to your Merch account so you dont get it banned because of a silly mistake
This extension will make sure you don't misspell T-Shirt giving you a red mark on your Merch By Amazon account.
No interaction needed, just type away and if the extension finds you've missed an 'R' out, it'll highlight the field red

Merch Security also add counters to each item field so you know how many characters you have left to use

**Product Templates**
Do you fed up of typing T-Shirt, Hoodie, Long Sleeved Shirt and Sweatshirt constantly in your listings? Version 2.1 of Merch Security adds in product templates for your listings.  Simply type {{product}} into any of the the text fields where you want the product type, and Merch Security will replace it with the correct product type for this listing

Version 2.3:
- Added support for UK and DE listings
- Added template tags for PopSocket Grips
- Added the follow to the list of invalid phrases: 'refund', 'free shipping', 'quality', 'high quality', 'fitted', 'bigger size', 'larger size', 'prime shipping', 'printed in', 'printed', 'review'

Version 2.2.2:
- Bug fixes

Version 2.2.1:
- Removed 'Premium' from Premium T-Shirt listings are per Amazon policy
- Added 'premium', 'looser' and 'size up' to default list of invalid words

Version 2.2:
- Added PopSocket product template
- Added validation to Brand Name to prevent use of PopSocket

Version 2.1:
- Added product type templates for data input

Version 2.0:
- Added Options Page to add custom words
- Optimised code

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Amazon product sales rank | DS Amazon Quick View Extended.

Productivity extension for Amazon !!! Works only on For other marketplaces please use the extended version:…
Productivity extension for Amazon

!!! Works only on For other marketplaces please use the extended version:

* add amazon ranking and sellers information to the search page
* hover over product image to see full product details

Webstore doesn't send notifications about new bug reports.
If you have any problems and need tech support there is a paid version of this extension:

It has all recent updates and bugfixes and works on all amazon domains.

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